Sunday, August 15, 2010

eating roadkill is beautiful / fuck advertisments

i have seen two people in the past few days with fucking animal tails attached to their belts. i have heard about people saying it symbolized that they where going feral. but these people that i see wearing this fucking animals dead body on their hip, these people are fucking not feral! they dress like its a cool fashion thing matching the other clothes they where bought from a store same as the fucking animal tortured for the pleasure of putting its body on their fucking hip. i want to break their teeth and shove them on the ground while wearing a plastic fox mask "dont fucking kill my friends" taking the fox tail from their hip. i think that the cause of this stupid fashion idea was caused by freeganism. the vegans that eat roadkill because the meat that is healthy as compared to factory farm injected flesh and it doesnt contribute to killin more animals. eating roadkill helps the enviroment because you dont pay to deforest places for crops, the crops fed to the animal instead to starving humans, the seventeen meals of crop convert into one pound of meat after the animal is slaughterd, then shipped and packaged using oil to do all the work of transportation and wasting material. eating roadkill is beautiful, saving the tail and wearing the skin is beautiful if its from roadkill. but these fuckers that buy tails from the store dont fucking know what the hell they are doing! they just think its cool to wear dead animals those mother fuckings thing that being vegan is weak and sensitive. i hate these things so much. people dont understand nor do they want to take the time out of their life to try to learn about veganism. they are to busy trying to fit in and keep up with the advertisments, trying to fit into what mtv tells them. buying the shoes so 'you can get more out of your workout' because your job steals your life away so you need the most efficient everything to be able to live and get the bare necessities of life! to take care of your own health! oh and the next ad i saw that rolled down on this fancey ad machine that they created to semi automatic your mind with advertising was a fucking sunglasses ad! 'look deeper' why the fuck is it important to look deep? shouldn't i be reading and thinking to be deep instead of wearing these fucking stupid glasses that i see this skinny white girl wearing. body image both of these advertisments i saw showed white girls with the 'ideal' body image. fuck every advertisment being white and fuck the mainstream media trying to tell you that your ugly. they want you to have low self esteem to so they profit. you are beautiful just the way you are.

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