Monday, August 30, 2010

kitty number two

today i attended the Make big oil pay! group thing they talked about emergencey relief on the community. it kind of summed up to a thing i did in elementry school i realize that when shit falls we are all fucked because we all relie on grocery stores and power for water and without those we all start to fight eachother.

ummm... then i went home and we had a sketch sunday meeting. alot of people came in and we did art and drew all sorts of stuff. we made the third drawings called beautiful corpse' and one turned out really cool it was creeepy. haha and a drunk punk wore a pink backpack and said ' just because im wearing this doesnt mean im gay' then i said whats wrong with being gay' then he did a gay voice and i told him i was gay and stared at him and he appologized/said he didnt mean offense.

i like the two cats we have around the house. kitty number one is black kitty and kitty number two is a kitty that has grey. davey wants to name him arson. what a stupid fucking name. what the hell is the use for a cats name it not like they fucking care. anyways they are cute and i like picking them up. they are like fucking ninjas when they play. doing hops and using small spaces jumping and leaping using curtains for deception they are awesome.

we dumpstered today and got like four full boxes of great bannannas. we made dank smoothies. haha and and and and jeremy said i seemed like a sagatorious and not at all like an aries.

Optimistic and freedom-loving
Jovial and good-humored
Honest and straightforward
Intellectual and philosophical

good qualities haha. ummm ummm good night.

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