Friday, August 27, 2010

shit i be doing today.

i woke up with josh knocking on my door. we got up and went with him to go with shun to get the city compost. i helped as we shoveled that shit into the back of the truck. my stomach hurt from breathing it in. those crazies were saying it smelt great ahah. we talked to people and they told us about permaculture classes and gardens around the community. it was great to talk to the people that were interested in gardening because it seems like they would be just good people if they gardened. i dont really see someone drestructive and hateful nutruring little itty plants haha. well i helped others out to shovel shit into their vehicles and i helped a proffessor at the merit college who was talking about the classes and saying how fucked shit is with the government. he gave me a huge list of things about volunteering right off the top of his head. he gave me his card so i could get the list in email. he said i could sit out on some classes so i could learn but not get grades or get paid. he was way down with squatting and gardening its awesome.


after that we hung out at the food not bombs. they didnt need much help so we hung out. there was a guy that was talking about spiritual weird shit. then jeremy started talking about asteral projection and the cia using it to spy on us. he told me i could asteral project and that i needed to practice and could get it done in ten days. haha i wish i could do some mystical spell type shit ahahah fucking wizard skill tree on my real life rpg. then the guy that was talking about weird spiritual shit said the jeremy ' can you see my spirit?' jeremy said back ' no but i can see that you are a good willed person in the way you are by your vibes ' the guy said ' yeah. is it ok to cry?' jeremy says back ' yeah its ok do you need a hug?' and the guy just hugs him and starts to cry.. holy shit man this guy really needed some help and fucking jeremy was there to help him to just give him a hug. it kind of makes me glad and feel kind of tear eyed just cuz people fucking are so isolated and its beautiful that jeremy is so open to help people.


we went to the Pink Haus for their house warming party bbq. we brought vegan food. i fried banannas and mixed in gronola it was DANK! hahaha well i brought it there and homies braught other shit. when walking me a jeremy found dresses and put them on. fucking white little dresses in the streets of oakland. i wore nothing but that dress and no shoes not boxers or pants. feels good wearing a dress because i can break out of feeling liek i always have to act like a MAN. it takes away from the strangness of tranies if people do it often lets it be excepted. and what the fuck is a girls clothes and a guys clothes? more homies and drunk punks showed, lots of kids. i think they were going to a punk show afterward. they ate and we ate then me and josh went to get jackets and bam! when we came back most the house was gone. eh now im here wondering if there is a show. but i dont really care. rahhh rahhh rahh punk punk punk show. ill just go to sleep...

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