Monday, November 29, 2010

anti game

im trying to quit playing video games. not having projects to do and foot deep snow outside i have very little stimulus, leading to me wanting to seek digital means. i have deleted many of the video games that i play frequently. (im just keeping the old ones that are 2d). it seems to me that if i understand the reasons of why i shouldn't play video games then i wont need to stop myself from playing because there will be no reason to even play them. if i just try to stop my will of playing games it will only just make me want to play them and binge out when i do play them. so justification is what im seeking. if anyone else has more reasons to quit playing video games (or any other digital replacement for life experience: texting, facebook, movies, television, video games ...etc) im open to hear more reasons.

Video games

No matter what you accomplish in the game, it doesn’t matter in reality. Having good hand eye coordination isn’t an achievement.
Any strategy, skill, knowledge, you obtain in the game you cannot transfer into reality. The strategy that is learned in games only retains to the strategy in the pixilated game, in real life you have no health bars or experience points. The knowledge you gain about how to level up the most efficiently teaches nothing on how you should teach yourself new skills. Knowing the patterns of a boss does not make you a better person.
If the time put into playing video games was instead put into a skill of your choice you would surely have another skill mastered instead of playing the series all the way through. When you play a video game you might as well burn the possibilities you could have had if you were not playing the video games.
The emotions spent venting on the game are not spent on other forms of expression such as art. In a time where the only other means was music, painting, dance there was much more inspiration to create the expression. How many artists are we losing to video game playing?
Nothing else experienced makes a dull person. If all you do is play video games then what else are you going to be able to talk about. Nobody cares about your silly pixilated victories and you sound like a nerd.
Because of this all the time put into improving your character is wasted, and not spent improving yourself, your environment, or your community. You can run all day and accomplish nothing. Nobody cares about your high level character or his nifty looking armor.
Games seek to replace a lost stimulus that is stimulated through natural means, The feeling of accomplishment. Video games also stimulated excitement, this excitement is in replace of living stimulus’s of excitement that involve doing exercise.
Games can be very addicting by causing a chemical stimulus, these addictions should be treated as drug addiction. Video games are addicting and will make people fiend for them.

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