Wednesday, February 9, 2011

job in oregon / diy suspension piercing

we had a figure drawing class hosted by matt delporto. there was a few people that just saw the community calendar and decided to join in on the class. almost everyone modeled for the figure drawing class. it was great to be able to have so many different people.

after the session we -- i have oingo boingo, little girls running through my head right now -- bike rode back home as we were leaving the driveway nope said to stop. he pointed to a little owl in the tree that was looking at us. it was very cute and small. it fluttered away. nope said it was a good sign. and not that its really related because i dont really believe in good or bad just perspective but when i got home coleman told me that a guy from oregon said that i got a job and they had a salary offer. this made me react in a few different ways all at once i 1. jumped up and down 2. fluttered my feet in the air 3. squealed like a small child. i called them back talking to luke he was very positive and stoked on having me up in oregon he told me "buy your ticket tonight"

last time i got my first sushi job trevor and i were walking to school and we saw a Blue Jay. trevor told me that something good is going to happen today. i called the sushi bar again and he told me to come in, later that night which led me to actually working there.

looking up corvallis there is many environmentally conscious people. there are many wildlife preserves and trails to take. biking is very welcomed there. its a five hour bike to get to the beach and a three hour to get to eugene. i can use the university library. im just going to focus on making art, reading theory and some fiction, and riding my bike, besides working full time. im really excited to experience in depth a place like corvallis, which also has the lowest amount of religious people in the us.

eric, gudj, and i went hiking up a mountain to 'the living room' we hiked up this ridge that was mainly very inclined. at the top of the ridge eric told us he wanted to start running up the ridge as me and gudj walked to catch up. eric is extremely well conditioned in trail running. when we got to the spot on the mountain it was untouched except for a few slabs that were organized into seats with arm rests. we started to think about going up higher until it started snowing then we quickley ran down in a sking fashion. running down dodging rocks and using the flat verticle surfaces at high speeds to keep control. when we stopped to wait for baby tooth and gudj eric said that running down mountains is one of is most favorite things to do in life.

we then went to evergreen to get food. there we had three meals all shared in the center. i talked to miss tu and told her i was leaving to oregon for a job. she told me that in the summer she wants me to come live with her in california and she will take care of me. i want to teach her sushi asp. she told me to come in on wednesday for a going away party and to invite all my friends. she is very nice to me. ms tu is a really genuinely nice person.


today i got to reconnect with ex partner felicia. it was really good to see her. i couldnt really imagine that it was happening, i just thought i probably was not going to be on good terms with her again. im glad that she is forgiving and that i have changed also. we walked downtown and talked about what we have been up to. after a time of visiting a book store, and a gallery we came back to boing. there i talked to Fuck Wolf and Gudj about sharpening the hooks i have for a suspension piercing. they said that we could have the suspension today if i tried. fuck wolf got out the sharpening machine thing and i sharpened the hooks, after felicia got out of school we went to get tough rope, gloves, bandaids, and alcohol (to get fucked up on) for the sanitation. on the phone before she was leaving i she asked if i had done the suspension i told her i was waiting for her, she responded ' i would throw up all over you' i told here ' there is probably a fetish for vomitting on someone who is being suspended' i showed eric and gudj the videos of hooks and the piercing. we watched a video when it went wrong and they ripped and the guy fell for three reasons 1. the man was very obese 2. the ban was moving his legs around and kicking. 3 the crane he was attached to was making him bounce and stopped him which made them break. this video taught us there is a high level of weight that can be applied to the skin. eric drew out the line and the piercing points. while fuck wolf tied the knotes to the hook in the arch way. we used a curler bar to hold up the triangle. we got downstairs i got undress and eric sat down on my back while they both clamped and stuck the hook into my skin. it felt like a white pain if that makes sense, it stunge going in and going through. they had to push at the end because we didnt have a hallow needle. it made a popping noise that was equivalent to seven zitts. after all them were in i sat trying to relax. after a time gudj and fuckwolf pulled on the ropes to check the stretch when they started doing this i felt something release inside my head it felt great and i felt just really crazy it was the endorphines. i stepped up on a milk crate and fuck wold tied me onto the curling bar. i slowley jointed my knees as it went into a numb basic pulling of the skin. tip toeing on the ground they pulled the milk crate out. i asked them to pull up my feet to my ass. they helped and then i asked to let go. i was in the air. i was fully supended. i pulled my knees up and flashed the devil horns. fifteen minutes went by. aug was asking me questions i told him my arms were losing circlation and he ask me how else my body felt, right when he asked me that i saw blue in my vision. i told me i would like to get down im seeing blue. i might pass out. cut the rope as they calmly helped me down i sat down as slowly my vision came back.

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