Saturday, February 5, 2011

tramp quotes / anti civ quotes

we just watched a movie about tramps and there was some pretty cool quotes that i want to loosely quote from what i remember.

"they say we are free. i see all these rules and regulations, then when you start critisizing they start waving that flag"

"they say this country is built on hard work and perseverance, thats a damn lie, this country was stolen on mayhem, slavery, and exploitation.

"you see some land that is just sitting there doing nothing and instead of just giving it to you he wants you to work thirty five years of your life"

"if you ask me to do anything i would do it as long as you ask me, but if you tell me i Have to do it, there is just something inside me that just says Fuck You... thats how i have always been."

"i hade a broa- lady a real beautiful blonde, i was living with here in a house near the train yard. i would hear the trains and wonder where my friends were on the rails. eventually i just got sick of living there. and now i'm riding"


Neanderthals did not paint their caves with the images of animals. but perhaps they had no need to distill life into representations, because its essences were already revealed to their senses. the sight of a running herd was enough to inspire a surging sense of beauty. they had no drums or bone flutes, but they could listen to the booming rhythms of the wind, the earth, and each other's heartbeats, and be transported.

- james shreeve

Industrial technology is by nature exploitative and destructive of the material that are necessary to maintain it.

- richard t. lapiere

"To be civilized is to hold oneself in opposition to nature, which is to hold oneself in opposition to oneself, to be ashamed of the animality of the self, which to the fully civilized means the 'filth' of the self. All of this destroys any possibility of communication or entering into communion with anyone but other civilized humans.
If we listen to the creatures and to the elements, and even to our bodies, we are then primitive, backwards. So we learn very early to put that away. We learn to despise ourselves and to feel ashamed of our bodies, to hate the dirt and to hate everything about us, because we're human, which means we're humus: they come from the same Latin root: earth and dirt.
But self-loathing is a difficult thing to acknowledge - maybe the most difficult - so all those characteristics we must loathe if we are to be civilized, if we are to dominate, get dumped into others who bear the shame and who end up feeling dirty."

- Jane Caputi

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