Thursday, March 31, 2011

crash / show at kilby

today i was riding down the sharp decline turn that goes onto fourth south. i have not been down this hill in the day, only at night. while going down i made sure to stay on the narrow right to avoid the cars that would soon catch up to me. the turn came as i turned i went slightly up onto the drain curb then thought im going to crash im going to have to land in the soft ground. i hit the curb and stomached the barrier. i then got up and threw my bike over barrier and sat down. the driver that came from behind slowed down, i gave them the thumbs up. my arm was scrapped and my pants were ripped but i was totally fine. i should really wear a helmet, my epic crash is still over due compared to many bike accident statistics.


there was a show today that sara got me into for free Judgement Day was playing. the distorted violin and cello with a double base drum set. it sounded awesome. i haven't heard something so unique in a while. it reminded me of why i liked vivaldi winter because of the agressive violin.

i got in for free from sara giving me a wrist band. i went in and talked to the ticket person then went back out and switched the wrist band off with corbin. i went back in and corbin showed the wrist band and we both got in for free!

the next band sounded crappy. then inbetween the songs he started telling dumb jokes : you know what really burns me? matches. how does a mexican cut his pizza? i yelled out at him covering the room with my scream FUCK YOU!! he messed up the joke then just started the next song.

corbin, matt, and sara sat around the fire pit outside. the fire was dead with ember so we tried to make it come back alive with flammable garbage. i told matt that we should apply the frustrated stomping and screaming technique. we both yelled at the fire for not starting when we wanted it to. as we yelled a lady got up flustered and held her hands out in a stopping gesture towards our hearts. she told me that to start the fire we had to be one with the fire, she started to sing to the fire. i kept on building the fire while she sung.. it was silly. then as she sung the fire started, she continued awkwardly to everyone but herself. when she stopped singing the fire stopped also. dumb hippies hahah. instead of singing she could of did something with real use. matt also found a ten dollar bill in the recycled paper we were burning.

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