Sunday, March 27, 2011

dream dinner

I was at a family dinner with my friend snaggs. the two parents were very hip cool like people they had tattoos and black clothes. while they ate at the table they played metalcore instrumental music. the woman while talking to me would switch her voice from just talking to then screaming in a metalcore voice. and then switch back. whenever she screamed in a metalcore voice i would not be able to understand her an i just looked at her while she opened her mouth wider to say the words. my friend after told me that i shouldn't ask her to many questions because it hard on her voice. some other people came downstairs dressed up in very nice clothes. i felt amazed and thought wow look how wealthy they are, then i looked at my own clothes that were spotted in marks and stains even though they were black clothes. i was looking through my scetchbook to get a blank paper and the woman came up to me and looked waiting for me to show her some drawings, i smiled awkward and just opened the tatered book to a blank page.

there was a spider that was on my back inbetween my shirt when i woke up. i sat there and felt it walk back and forth. i got up suddenly after thinking if i should leave it alone but then got up and yanked off my shirt and smacked and brushed my back off. i saw the spider run and watched it moving things to see what kind it was. red body red legs and a tan butt. those spiders are very common.

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