Wednesday, March 30, 2011

dream : Partial Head

corbin was showing me the Unseen War website. The website has photos of killed people in other countries and their bragging. The photos are disturbing and very extremely gory beyond anything i have ever imagined/seen. Afterward that night i had a disturbing dream.

A man that had portions of his head blown off was laying down at a medical bed. He kept on saying the same thing over and over again. The disabled male was muscular and dressed in camouflage. A whole sentence but he was not coherent. I covered his twisted face caused by the spinning of the bullet that desemated his skull with tin foil. The victim kept on muddering the same sentence over and over again as he slowly misspoke some of he pronunciations. The words he spoke continued to repeat into only loud hums the remnants of the sentence but just the droning tone of it. I thought as he laid there that he was not even human anymore and i started to worry for my safety. This man was huge and could crush me. I heard from the opposite side a person that had heavy footsteps slowly crashing into the hallway. As it came close to the doorway i kick the door shut as i woke kicking the wall next to my bed.

i have many dreams where i am holding doors shut. it reminds me when that used to be the only thing separating me from my father, mother or brother from physically harming me. either locked bathroom doors or holding it closed with my back to the door and applying the force with my legs pressing against the wall.

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