Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a dream / some plans

the other day i had a dream that i couldn't move on the floor. a black cat walked up to me and bit into my neck. it kept pulling my neck lifting my head trying to drag or rip a part out of me. i couldn't move but i was fully conscious.


there was a pigeon that was on the sidewalk that was ran over. there was seed on the sidewalk that intersected the entrance to the gas station. i wonder if someone left the seed there for the bird.. i wonder if it was malicious?

i recently have acquired many books that are very interesting to read. some on survival, botany, economics, and a few on how to build things plumbing, electrical, house building and tree house building. im pretty stoked on all this. the gardening project is coming along we are going to meet with the land owner on thursday. i have enough time before i go to do volunteer work at the reservation. i might go down there taking a bike trip, but im not sure. i just fixed the derailer on my bike and adjusted my brakes. it feels so shitty to have my bike be broken in someway, but then it feels so great to have it fixed again. every time it breaks i learn something new. i think ill get my front rim replaced and the tire also. those things are so old. there are a lot more people out here in salt lake that enjoy having me around than i thought. i think i will be able to live here as long as my friends are around, and i'm gaining knowledge. the winters here fucking kill, i think i will foreverly avoid living a winter here again as long as i can help it. and that is the month of september to the end of march. but then i want to be somewhere else during the summer hahah so i dont know what i will actually be doing.

the fool is a card that resembles a beginning into anything. i think that my card is a fool because i can go anywhere right now.

i think that the mass of my possessions are books. i have a laptop and canvases that i can give to someone else, a few paints that i could easliy store somewhere. these books that i have are the only things that i really just want to bring with me if i were to set up permanence of residency. books, art, bike. i think that is simple enough. and if not biking then some kind of way to get places. if i didnt have a bike i would run everywhere. if not that i would train in fighting, but i will be able to run anywhere i go really.

the animal shelter that i applied for volunteering sent back the hours that are applicable. ill probably start doing that with combined bike collective hours to keep me busy and learning/inspired.

to really leave salt lake city i need to get ride of all my books by reading them or deeming them not read worthy, or just giving them away and using the library which is really the most practical.

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