Tuesday, April 12, 2011

seasonal potential

This noon the weather was so beautiful. Its inspiring the potential for new possibilities in a welcoming temperature. i read at the front of my house laying on the cement entrance. i noticed little insects crawling, ants, millipedes and a jumping spider was noticed as it crawled up my leg. The most inspiring omen of the season to come the little furry jumping spider scampering down my pant leg leaving a safety line of shining web. i blew on it from a distance softly letting it know that i was awake. it turned around and notice my eyes, a shift in the body, i led it to my hand. this creature makes me smile. i led it then to the jungles of the grass.


while in the kitchen i was joined by two visitors who do not often come to boing. "you're just the person we were looking for!" they asked me about how they could be involved in the community gardens there are many more people that i expected who are stoked about creating community gardens.

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