Saturday, May 7, 2011

beard guy / creeper / larp

my hands smell like goat manure, its also all in my shoes, from the garden.

my bearded friend has came back from being out of state. its really good to have him around. he has so much spontaneous energy and creative ways to release it. whenever we talk it seems like i am gaining something new to mentally chew on. when i got a package from my friend in california i got so excited i yelled at a stranger walking on the sidewalk "i got a package!" i started opening the box when he grabbed the box and fled through the house. i chased him into the sidewalk knowing that he could out run me he stayed playfully just out of arms reach! hahah. a party of people including my friend here went and played four square in the park. when we played you would make rules when you were on the "kong" square. when someone would say "no rules" he jumped into the air grabbed the ball and kicked it almost simultaneously sending it across the grassy yard, then running for a retrieval.

that night i threw all my stuff onto this rock and sat there looking at my wet sleeping bag. i sat there staring ahead sleepily thinking of how i could go back to sleep as a skate boarder came by. he ollied up the stares not noticing me as i stared at him unmoving sitting arms crossed across my legs to my chest. in the usually void park from under the light post in the rock like water fall area i perched calmly. instantly after noticing me the skater picked up his board turning around into a sprint he said to himself in a barely audible voice "wow dude" as he ran back onto the sidewalk to the street. haha im what creeps in the night

i went to the belegarth larping thing today. they do not use magic only foam swords, sheilds, javelins, and arrows. it doesn't make it any less nerdy though. you can kick sheilds and sheild bash people to the ground. it was fun because people used many different tactics of weapons. it wasn't as nerdy and weak hits as usual. the hits were reliant on if the foam weapon was hitting hard enough to actually cause an injury. the people in this type of larp are more skilled than in the last game. when i was versing this one guy named jester i was sheild bashed in the side of the nose giving me a bloody nose, we still continued foam weapon fighting. they talked about battles that are huge as in 70 people total fighting 35 vs 35. they are events where they camp out for three days, i guess it costs 20 for the event if you prereserve your spot for the huge battle. in the end of the fights they told me about the nerdier people called Living Adventure, where they use magic and spells. i guess there is always a worse version of yourself that is always available to make fun of. it might go marines -> army -> paintball -> airsoft -> death metal mosh pits -> medieval tactical wood weapons -> belegarth -> amalat -> living legend -> world of warcraft.

just in the past ten minutes i got up to check if the person coming into the house was a new person interested in the infoshop. i got up to go to the door and my bike friend fucking screamed at me making me so scared i screamed back "FUCKING HELL!" shoving the door!

earlier today when mark was crossing the street in his car, i was riding shotgun. we rode through the intersection of four stop signs when a car in the second lane accelerated forward without stopping. i screamed "AAHAHHHHHH FUCK!!" and mark stopped immediately. mark thanked me for screaming and said that it really helped because he didn't see it coming.

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