Thursday, May 12, 2011

dream, river, metal roof

i was floating in a river that had crystal clear water flowing in it. at the bottom there was a layer of human shit. people would get sucked under and fall into this layer. as the river flowed it was contained in a concrete slide like half pipe. it would dry up and freeze like the ice puddles that are hollow at night. the ice could crystalize into a imbreakable structure holding us inside of it only for a few minutes then it would transform back and carry us along the river. there were so many people in the river as we held the edge of the river to stay safe of losing our hold on getting sucked under.

just before going to the river i was with corbin as he tapped out a blast beat on the metal door fram. we were in a classroom setting. sherin told us to stop or we would get suspended. i got kind of pissed off at her saying that, i thought it was a messed up way of trying to communicate that she used a power trip. corbin and i left.

as i continued through the river she stopped me to talk to me. she saw that i was upset and told me that she was sorry and said that she would let me know how sorry she was. she gave me a hug in front of this huge crowd of her students. they all started spreading rumors about us.


later on a roof top high above the city there was a competition to who could tag the building of the heavy metal shop the most. the tags had to circle around the theme of the shop being the most metal roof ever. they would get buffed all soon after automatically by something invisible/ not noticed. just before they were buffed someone would take a picture of the tag.

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