Tuesday, May 3, 2011

today is beautiful and it has just barely started

this morning i woke up at five to the cold right before the sunrise. it felt great. i got up and biked around getting warm. i thought that this is a good time to bike around and realize how much time i have that i can use on other prodjects. while riding my bike around the downtown area i screamed low growls and high growls. when i was on the street next to the temple i would scream nile lyrics "there is no god, there is no god, but the hedon god!" its great to practice singing while bike riding because if someone thinks your terrible then you are gone soon after they hear you, and if someone thinks you are impressive then you leave in an instant and you become mystical like a mythical creature.

i biked up the canyon as the sun come out. people walk their dogs early. i ate at a bench of fruits and vegetables. a woman said "good morning" i smiled back "good morning" because it was a good morning. i enjoy waking up and biking around ready for the day. i thought about how i want to practice an instrument and play it while screaming, i really wanted to do that on acoustic but i have a eletric that i can use now that i remember.

there is a spot where the water runs down creating a covering noise for cars. i can only hear the rushing water. there i laid down posted next to a tree that will give shade after it grows its leaves. a rock held my head cushioned by my backpack contents, then i read. i have nothing else to do but draw, write, read, think, bike. thats the way i like it. i thought about how often people play devils advocate without having a real stance on things, so ready to disprove without exepting any real practical ideas.

i was reading a zine on consensus and it reminds me of how people debate and use those terms. but the consensus was exact opposite, and built on listening and putting aside personal feelings.

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